DNM: Domain Name Manager

Short Description :

Set of php scripts which allows you to provide your own system of dynamic dns. It makes possible to share a part of its domain names, allowing visitors to create one or more hostnames, and to configure for each one different dns records (A and AAAA, or multiple MX).

It will also offer a private interface with which the administrator(s) of the script and other authorized users will be able to completely manage their domain names, and thus to decide to share a sub domain or the complete domain name. Each user can configure in which way he wants to share them and obtain statistics of use of its shares.

The administrator(s) will be able to configure the script, to view global statistics, to manage/configure the public part and to modify the rights of a user. This script also purposes to the public and private users an interface to make remote update of a dns record. It is entirely ipv6 compatible.


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